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Calibration of temperature devices such as thermometers, probes or chillers to an international or national certified standard is key to ensuring the safety and quality of a product or the application for which it is to be used or is integrated.

Assuring accurate temperature monitoring or recording is a pre-requisite within many industries; from food and beverage manufacturers to pharmaceuticals and aerospace engineering. All calibrations are traceable to national standards; usually a requirement from the customer of a finished assembly or product.

Temperature calibration ensures that the process is being controlled within pre-defined limits and is also a determining critical safety factor for many industrial applications. For example, ensuring an autoclave reaches and maintains set temperatures within the entire working volume provides peace of mind that the underlying process is operating correctly.

Without proper calibration, you do not have a recognised method of ensuring that the equipment used during the production process is accurate. The results of this could have far-reaching ramifications. Reliability, operating life, functionality, safety and cost can all be impacted by a lack of calibration conducted by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

UKAS Accreditation is limited to those activities described in our UKAS Schedule of Accreditation.

A wide range of temperature calibration services are available from CET Calibration, including:

Temperature Capabilities

Generation -30°C to +1200°C
Measurement -200°C to +1700°C


If an instrument you require temperature calibrating is not on the above list, please Contact Us.

“CET Calibration is a very professional company and provides a great service to us. The Certificates are excellent and cover the range of results and full traceability to the equipment used during the calibration.” 

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