Pressure Gauge Calibration ServicesPressure Gauge Calibration

Calibration of Pressure gauges and associated instruments to an international or national standard is key to ensuring the safety and quality of a product or the application for which it is to be used.

Assuring accurate pressure monitoring or recording is pre-requisite within many industries and traceability for the measurement is often a requirement from the customer of a finished assembly or product.

Pressure gauge calibration not only ensures that the process is being controlled within set limits but is also a determining safety factor within many industries. Without proper calibration, you do not have a recognised method of ensuring that the equipment used during these tests or monitoring is accurate.

The results of this could have far-reaching ramifications. Reliability, operating life, functionality, safety and cost can all be impacted by a lack of calibration conducted by an approved laboratory such as CET Calibration.

Digital and analogue pressure gauge calibration

CET Calibration provides a comprehensive range of pressure gauge calibration services, covering both analogue and digital gauges and instruments:

Pressure Calibration Capabilities

Vacuum Pressure -2 Torr – 10 Torr
Gas gauge and absolute pressure 1 mbar – 200 bar
Hydraulic gauge pressure 10 mbar – 1200 bar
Barometric pressure 800 mbar – 1500 mbar


*If required, we can calculate the barometric pressure at your site on any specific day.

If an instrument you require calibrating is not on the above list, please Contact Us.

“CET Calibration provide very good customer service. They are easy to contact either by phone or email. The reminder system is a good idea – there have been a couple of times when I had missed things and the reminder meant we did not have anything in the field out of date. The certificates are concise, easy to understand yet still comprehensive.” 

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