CET Calibration introduces new mobile test facility

The introduction of a new Mobile Test Facility enables experienced technicians to carry out essential calibration works in a controlled environment, without taking up space in a customer’s premises.

CET Calibration has made some significant investments in its on-site calibration services in recent months; adding new services and extending its geographical reach. The arrival of the new Mobile Test Facility enables CET Calibration to offer an even greater range and quality of service to its metrology customers.

The ability to provide a separated, controlled environment allows CET Calibration to carry out a wide variety of tests in locations that may have traditionally been constrained physically; such as large-scale production environments. For client sites where static room locations are impractical, the Mobile Test Facility offers an ideal alternative.

At a time when operating costs and production throughput are front of mind, it’s important to minimise any potential downtime associated with essential equipment maintenance.  On-site calibration is as much about risk avoidance as it is time saving. The benefits speak for themselves: customers always retain control and visibility of their assets, eliminate the time and cost associated with the logistics of off-site testing and can recall items instantly if required.

“The arrival of our new Mobile Test Facility is great news for the field services team” explains Chris Locke, Operations Director for CET Calibration. “Customers have already seen the benefits the extra space allows them and it’s helping the technicians become even more productive when on site.”

“On-site calibration is one of the fastest growing areas of the business”, says Chris, “The mobile lab is further evidence of our commitment to investment in service excellence and helps us to deliver better outcomes for our customers”.

CET Calibration introduces new mobile test facility


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