Humidity & Dew Point CalibrationHumidity Calibration

Dew Point is the atmospheric temperature below which water droplets begin to condense and can vary according to pressure and humidity (the invisible amount of water vapour in the air). When both dew point and humidity need to be monitored or controlled, it is important that those instruments are calibrated to the correct standard.

Protection of electronic devices, installations and equipment from the build-up of humidity helps prevent damage, ensures optimal life and contributes to the safety of electrical and electronic equipment.

Humidity within a production environment can result in the accelerated onset of oxidation (rust) in metals; impacting on operational performance and potentially leading to increased costs – either from process efficiency or remedial action.

Without proper calibration of dew point and humidity equipment, you do not have a recognised method of ensuring that the equipment used during these tests is accurate. Reliability, operating life, functionality, safety, cost and reputation can all be impacted by a lack of calibration conducted by an approved laboratory.

All humidity and dew point calibration services are carried out in controlled laboratory conditions, in our UKAS accredited, midlands-based facility. For more information, or a detailed list of our services, contact us today.

CET Calibration offers a range of humidity and dew point calibration services:

“I would recommend CET Calibration because they have a good reputation in this business and are often used by other calibration companies as a source for calibrating the more complex test equipment they get in from their clients.”

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