Force and Flow Calibration Servicesforce and flow calibration

Calibration of force and flow gauges or instruments includes the likes of torque tools, flow meters, scales, balances and a range of compression instruments. Each of these families of devices requires the same essential calibration that would be required of any other gauge or instrument.

During assembly processes, ensuring the correct torque value is applied aides safety and functionality. Ensuring reference weights are correct and balances or scales read to the correct weight is also critical when ensuring the correct compound ratio of ingredients, raw materials or finished products.

Flow meters and gauges are used in many industries. From heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) engineers to medical applications such as syringe calibration; the flow of essential liquids, oils, air, petrol and gases has a fundamental role to play in safety, performance and compliance.

Tension and compression testing have a vital role to play within most industries, from the manufacture of textiles and consumer goods through to high-speed trains. Incorrect calibration may devalue (or overvalue) a product and, in a worst-case scenario, affect the product’s ability to meet industry safety standards.

Thanks to our recent investment in a bespoke force rig, we are now able to test tension and compression up to 50 tonnes.

Without proper calibration, you do not have a recognised method of ensuring that the equipment used during the production process is accurate.

Force and flow calibration services are available for a wide variety of devices, including:

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