CET Calibration Increases Force Capability to 50 tonnes

Tension and compression testing have a vital role to play within most industries, from the manufacture of textiles through to high-speed trains. Incorrect calibration may devalue (or overvalue) a product and, in a worst-case scenario, affect the product’s ability to meet industry safety standards.

Thanks to our recent investment in a bespoke force rig, we are now able to test tension and compression up to 50 tonnes.

Calibration of force and flow gauges or instruments includes the likes of torque tools, flow meters, scales, balances and a range of compression instruments. Each of these families of devices requires the same essential calibration that would be required of any other gauge or instrument.

Our force test and calibration capabilities include:

  • Torque: Analysers, Wrenches, Screwdrivers
  • Airflow: Pitot Tube, Vane and Hot Wire Anemometers, Ventilation Apertures
  • Mass: Calibration Weights, Measuring Weights from 0.01g to 300kg
  • Scales: Analogue/Digital Platform, Industrial, Hanging and Crane Scales
  • Balances: Analogue/Digital Precision Balances
  • Force Gauges: Digital Tension/Compression Force Gauges, Load Cells
  • Wire Crimping Tools (0.5mm – 400mm CSA): Gauge, Pull and Resistance Tests

For more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01246 828318 or email sales@CETcalibration.com