CET Calibration Doubles On-site Scale Calibration Capacity

On-site calibration services have been a core component of the CET Calibration service portfolio for years. Whether your equipment is “immovable” or mission-critical, on-site calibrations have become an increasingly important service. Time is money, so any systems downtime required for calibration needs to be minimised.

The benefits of on-site calibration are obvious – in addition to the shortening of downtime, by keeping the equipment on-site you maintain greater control over the process and can recall the equipment to service at any time.

Leaving your equipment in-situ eliminates the risk of damage in transit, eliminates shipping charges associated with off-site calibration and reduces the need to hire replacement equipment to cover downtime.

CET Calibration is committed to delivering new standards of excellence to our customers. As a part of this dedication to service, we are pleased to announce that we have doubled our capacity for on-site scale calibration from 1 ton to 2 ton.

Whether you are operating crane or platform scales, this increase in capacity means we are able to provide a more comprehensive on-site calibration service.

So, if your test equipment is due for calibration, why not contact us for a no-obligation quotation on 01246 828318?