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Automotive Calibration

At CET Calibration, we have a dedicated team of experts able to support a range of Dimensional Calibration Services for the automotive industry, and are well placed to support your requirements to the highest industry standards.

By their very nature, automotive vehicles are complex; with each containing a multitude of components and materials all designed to combine in precise fashion.

With so many items being brought together, accurate calibration of the various machines, hand tools, threads and gauges used throughout the process is essential to minimise error and the associated impacts on reliability, operating life, functionality, safety and costs.

The automotive industry is highly regulated; with safety and quality standards paramount to gaining compliance and allowing vehicles to be accepted into the market.

CET Calibration provides a prompt professional service with door to door delivery that is key to businesses and aids the quick delivery of products in either direction. We receive good certification which gives detailed information of the product, its performance and also illustrates the accreditation which CET are accredited to.

Automotive/Manufacturing Client

Automotive Calibration - Where precision matters

Where failure is not an option

If a vehicle component were to fail at a certain measured force, but the initial measurement was performed using an instrument that was not calibrated accurately; the results could be fatal.

Effective calibration of dimensional measuring instruments is also critical to ensuring a quality manufacturing process. To achieve the accuracy required, the quality of measurement needs to be assured; with metrological traceability to ISO 9000 quality standards for before and after production required to ensure accuracy throughout.


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