Apprentice Engineer’s Bright Future with CET Calibration

CET Calibration has outlined its commitment to addressing the engineering skills gap by appointing and nurturing an apprentice calibration engineer.

Louis Chadwick is a promising dimensional calibration services specialist who is currently pursuing a level 3 NVQ in Electrical Engineering with NLT Training Services Ltd.  Alongside working closely with the team at CET Calibration to ensure the quality of clients’ manufacturing processes, Louis’ role involves the calibration of dimensional measuring instruments – including gauges, indicators and level devices. After being assessed to CET Calibration’s internal UKAS operator standard, Louis has recently achieved approved status as an operator of micrometres and setting rods allowing him to perform these tests independently.

CET Calibration Apprentice WebWith aspirations of becoming a fully qualified calibration engineer and progressing to supervisor level, Louis explained: “Several members of my family have worked in engineering so I felt naturally drawn to the industry. I feel I’ve achieved a lot in the first six months of my apprenticeship, including reorganising the pressure calibration department which now operates much more smoothly, and have enjoyed visiting customers on-site to work on live projects. Ultimately there’s a lot more to learn but I feel confident in my ability to progress.”

Chris Locke, operations director at CET Calibration and a successful apprentice himself, commented: “Louis has made incredible progress so early in his career which proves the success of apprenticeship schemes. The concept of a skills gap is often discussed but we really feel it in industries where the skill can’t be learned in theory or from a textbook. Aspiring engineers must put in the hard yards to become qualified, but there are great rewards – calibration engineering gives us a multi-sectional view of the wider field of engineering, opening up many different avenues for future careers.

“We feel so passionately about bringing on the next generation of calibration engineers that we are now committed to hiring only trainees where possible, and look forward to helping them succeed.”