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Aerospace Calibration

Advances in the aerospace industry continue at an extraordinary pace. This combined with existing factors such as: functional safety, standards requirements, supply chains and equipment performance create an increasingly complex situation, demanding of quality, accuracy and traceability levels seldom seen in other technical disciplines.

At CET Calibration, we have a dedicated team of aerospace calibration experts able to support a range of Dimensional Calibration and Electrical Calibration services for the aerospace industry; and are well placed to support your requirements to the highest industry standards.

Pushing technology to the limits is a challenging task; built upon precision engineering and innovation that strives for excellence.

CET Calibration assists us with our calibration and quality tasks including audits and product quality containment, helping us to minimises defects & scrap while maximising quality and effectiveness.

Aerospace/Manufacturing Client

Where precision calibration counts

Precise Aerospace Calibration

In this highly focused environment, you need testing and aerospace calibration professionals capable of meeting these demands without compromising on quality, safety and performance.

With so many items being brought together, accurate hand tool calibration, speed sensor calibration, gauge calibration as well as the various machines involved throughout the production process is essential to minimise error and the associated impacts on reliability, operating life, functionality, safety and costs.

The aerospace industry is highly regulated; safety and quality standards are paramount to gaining compliance and allowing the vehicles to be accepted into the market.

At these tolerances, failure is not an option. Failure to calibrate or improper calibration can have serious implications.

Effective dimensional calibration and electrical measuring instruments are critical to ensuring a quality manufacturing process and optimal performance.

To achieve the accuracy required, the quality of measurement needs to be assured; with metrological traceability to ISO 9000 quality standards for before and after production required to ensure accuracy throughout.


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